Garmin striker 7sv Fish Finder Features – What Do You Really Need?

The fish finder highlights you pick are critical to the pleasure you get from your buy. It does not make a difference whether you are a fledgling once-a-year fisherman or an expert fisher, finding those fish down beneath can be a disappointing encounter. You realize they’re down there – if no one but you could see submerged!  Indeed, you can! A fish finder can give you that little additional bit of leeway. Picking the correct fish finder highlights can empower it to disclose to you the profundity of the water, area of a solitary fish or schools of fish, base organization (delicate, rough, weedy), thermo clines (contrast in water temperature), structures in the water (wrecks, stumps, drop-offs), surface water temperature, and area. It can even assist you with finding your direction home!

Garmin striker 7sv

Contingent upon the fish finder highlights you pick, you will locate a model to fit any financial limit from under $100 to over $2,000.

Display Screen

  • Monochrome or shading – Color is incredible however whenever cost is a worry, the shading does not influence the precision.
  • Screen size – the more extensive the screen the bigger the survey territory
  • Clearness – the quantity of pixels straightforwardly influences the sharpness and lucidity of the showcase; the more pixels, the more keen the pictures will be
  • Illuminated showcase – permits seeing after dull
  • Images – fish, number and type
  • Water temperature sensors – on screen show for surface and submerged changes
  • Discernible/visual cautions – for base fish or water temperature changes


Convenient or Fixed-mount – Portable units are totally independent and as a rule incorporates a conveying case and suction cup transducer equipment. Model: Eagle Fishmark 320  Whenever fixed-mount you will ordinarily append the transducer to the to the transom of your pontoon. On the off chance that you have a solitary hulled fiberglass pontoon, you can as a rule mount it to within base of your vessel. This is known as shooting through the body mounting and click here for more details.

3 Dual or Single Frequency Transponder

Double recurrence – has both 50KHZ and 200KHZ sonar and is utilized for exceptionally profound water or salt water. It will enter better in the thick salt water and give a superior sign in water more than 200 feet down.  Single recurrence utilizes just the 200KHZ; utilized in inland lakes and crisp water and under 200 feet profundity. Model Garmin Striker 7sv X67C  Target definition is in reality better with the higher recurrence however in the event that you intend to do both crisp and salt water fishing and both shallow and more profound fishing you’re in an ideal situation to get the double recurrence.