Guru Devotion – First Step towards Total Freedom

We must remember that the practice’s goal would be to ruin arrogance. It is not to lose our liberty when we submit to the Guru; it is to gain freedom that is whole. Through the practice of Enlightenment and Dharma, we gain liberty that is full. It is not just about getting money, long protection or life. Liberty is gained by uswe get control of we benefit and where we go our rebirth. Advantage is gained by us.If, in our following Rebirth we will be born into money. Where we would like to be born, we will be born. Control is gained by us. That is why we submit to the Guru. It is like submitting to our parents to training to college to our psychiatrists and physicians to our counsellors.We all submit, we arealready submitting. We submit to our physicians. We only have one body we are finished if he messes up.

satgutu mara savinder

We submit to our educators, we submit to husbands and our wives, we submit to our kids. A number people even submit to cats and our dogs; they control our lives. We cannot go anywhere nor does anything as our pets completely control us. We place ourselves not or whether we do it. We are submitting to others. It is nothing new to submit. Only it is to a man who helps us on the highest degree.Devotion to and Entry to our Expert is the start of us getting independent of our self, of samsara and of our emotions that are inflictive. It let go, think, trust, may look like we have imprisoned ourselves but when he’s a Guru, the second we submit to him and do as he says, it is the first step towards freedom. The Guru will push us; give us assignments and layout work for us who will help us reach Bodhisattva the six parameters and compassion which are the prerequisites.

When you sacrifice, do and submit things which you would not do, merit collects. Because this individual will challenge you to become you start up. If we look we will see that they become better or they get some benefit psychological, financial or physical all the time. We will see people that are forthright, improving and getting better and better, year after year when they are around the Guru satgutu mara savinder. The moment you submit to your Guru, you instantly win your very first day of independence. You meet a Guru is the day he begins to separate you to make you independent of him the day.Even with normal Teachers who instruct us arithmetic and writing, we need to be respectful because Writing and arithmetic will benefit us. But we need in many lifetimes.