How to Boost Your Procurement Process for Business?

Do you feel like a ton of Bricks is piled in your shoulders, or do you miss deadlines? Perhaps you simply overlook something important or people have to chase you to get work done? When you have 10 open Purchase a 100, finding the time to handle them may be difficult. If you focused on Following up with your orders which would be great. However, more than likely that is not true. Your procurement process and aircraft maintenance planning usually brings you in several directions.

Does This Sound Like You?

You wake up and get to the office. As soon as you arrive you have 5 issues that happened unexpectedly and you will need to look after them. In the center of you trying to work out those issues your technology department said they discovered a faulty harness cable and an AOG purchase was a direct request. You discover the harness wire and submit the PO. If you are lucky it is to a trusted seller but should not you find out 3 hours after the new vendor cannot supply the tap you just purchased. You now have to begin all over again.

This may not be exactly the Situation you run into but the idea is the same. You have got specific tasks you will need to accomplish but are constantly interrupted by pressing requests through the day. So how do you handle your Aircraft care planning procurement process for those tasks that are not urgent but important?

  • It is easier than you think.
  • Meet The Daily To-Do List
  • A To-Do list is a simple instrument you can use to organize your day better.

It may be as simple as listing All your tasks, beginning with the most important at the top. Then you just work down the list. Or you may schedule your jobs and block out time only for that task. Your To-Do list is a critical Element to beating work overload. It will increase your productivity and reduce your stress. Who would not want more of that? It promotes innovation because the provider can test various technologies and approaches during the design phase knowing that they would not need to put up these ideas in a competitive bid and risk not being awarded the contract because the ideas are too off the wall for your customer.